Five Kingdoms

Data Visualization | Processing

‘Five Kingdoms’ is comprised of 3,735 undersea feature names which was derived by visualizing data. The Undersea feature names were based on the Intergovernmental oceanographic commission during the 1980’s, which since then, work has progressed continuously. Based on the standards, if there is a name or term which has been widely accepted, it is assigned by the standard process, whereas any newly discovered undersea features is standardized by review and approval based on evidence. For approximately 30 years, a total of 3,735 undersea feature names have been approved, which 1,8884 newly discovered undersea features are undergoing process of review and approval.

Considering the newly discovered 1,884 undersea features, there is an interesting factor when reviewing the proposer’s nationality and when analyzing this aspect. For those who have registered under more than one nationality, there are 29 of these, and from this pool, the top 5 nationalities that have been registered, which pertains to more than 70%. These top 5 nationalities, which have been registered at America, France, Russia, Japan and Germany.

The proposal of accepting a standardized registration of nationality was highly competitive and rather this was merely a silent war where all nations were competing for nationality dominance. Based on the aspect where a nation would affix a name on a undersea feature, this would lead to a intangible and tangible profitability. Firstly, this is due to the notion where nations, states and corporation would require the use of the name. The use of the name that has been prescribed by the nation can be commonly used for promotional purposes, which again, the nation that had prescribed the name retains “dominance” over this.  Secondly, it allows the increase and extrapolation of exploration for development, such as resource dominance. To retain such “dominance” over an undersea feature means that the nation now has access to a vast range of information and the ability to extract, assess and evaluate data and information. There is a clear correlation between the competition that occurs with undersea features and space exploration, inducing an increased rate of competition to exert dominance like what “space race” has shown us for the last several decades, and on-going.

What “5 Kingdoms” portrays is to allow visualization of the competition that occurs between nations. Moreover, it allows a clearer understanding of the counties that are involved with the seabed through the use of data that has been collated through the method of data visualization. The user can sort the data based on the nations that have registered their nation and location. Though this mode of data visualization, the intention is to reveal and portray the clear distinction between the nations that exert their domination on the seabed against other nations that show little or no existence in the race against seabed dominance exertion.


Directing: DONG WHI YOO

Visual design: DONG WHI YOO

Programming: DONG WHI YOO, Chanwook Min