Five Kingdoms

Data Visualization | Processing

Five Kingdoms visualizes 3,735 undersea features which are published by the Intergovernmental oceanographic commission, which has been ongoing since the 1980s. If there is a name which has been widely accepted, they adopt the existing name officially, whereas newly identified undersea features are named by the team who discovered them.Over approximately the last thirty years, a total of 3,735 features have been named, of which 1,884 are newly discovered and undergoing name approval.


Considering the newly discovered 1,884 undersea features, there is an interesting factor when reviewing the nationality of people who proposed the name.There are twenty-nine countries that have registered more than one feature, of which more than 70% pertain to five specific nations.These five countries are America, France, Russia, Japan and Germany.


Because the undersea features which are newly discovered are out of the external limits of the territorial sea, the countries who discovered and proposed the name have no right to own or develop this area. However, it is obvious that they spend large amounts of money to discover undersea features because they expect a certain kind of profit by utilizing resources from these areas in the future.


The users will navigate how seafloor names are associated with those five countries who dreamed of an empire in the past. By selecting and reviewing countries who have discovered new undersea features, the users will be able to learn about the silent competition which occurs under the sea.


Directing: Dong Whi Yoo

Visual design: Dong Whi Yoo

Programming: Dong Whi Yoo, Chanwook Min