Hurry Up! Johapman!

Game (Adobe Actionscript 2.0)

During the Korean war in the early 1950s, commonly referred to as “6/25”, 30% of the houses in Seoul were destroyed due to warfare. The plan was to go through a redevelopment process as a form of reconstruction for the town in order to address the consequences of warfare that had affected the residential areas. “Redevelopment”, in this sense, refers to the business of redeveloping new infrastructures for the residential environment and the reconstruction of the urban landscape through the construction of new homes.


It was a reality that areas which required reconstruction were mostly populated by poor people, low income renters and illegal residents, who were finding it difficult to find a house to settle down in. However, the government failed to address this issue and lacked any such resolution for it, so a historical sense of “Redevelopment” was created. Societal criticism was growing in concern and gravity during the 1980’s and this was a major issue.


The government gave power to construction firms to lead many redevelopment projects and it caused many problems; they demolished houses without agreements; they even committed arson to expedite their business. One of the less violent problems of the redevelopment projects led by construction firms was bribing representatives of residents to help them in their illegal activities. Once the representatives accept the dirty money, they share the same improper goals and motivations as the firms.


Throughout this game, the player is the representative of the residents. The president of a construction firm offers a substantial bribe if you help them to finish the project in one year. Every month you can make a decision among several choices: from legal, peaceful ways like discussion with residents to illegal, violent actions, such as arson and hiring gangsters to threaten tenants. It’s up to you to call the shots, but it seems a little difficult to get the dirty money without violence. So. the question is, are you able to relinquish the unjust reward and hold onto you morality, marking you as different from the real-world representatives we’ve witnessed?

Game design: Dong Whi Yoo

Visual design: Dong Whi Yoo

Game development: Dong Whi Yoo