Keeping the Maldives Clean!

Games for social change

“Keeping the Maldives Clean” is a game where trash-like objects fall from the sky. The objective is to shift these trash-looking objects into the adjoining island, therefore, maintaining the primary island trash-free. Despite the fact that the objective is simple and clear, the player cannot win. This is due to the fact the rate at which these trash-looking objects which fall from the sky exceeds the speed of the trash which can be cleared by the player.

As we can pertain from the title, “Keeping the Maldives clean” this games focuses on the issue of the Maldives Island and the issue that surrounds the environment of the island itself. Every year, 75 million tourists visit Male city of Maldives, and the adjoining island, Thilsafushi Island has become the primary destination for removing trash from Male city for the last 20 years. The issue lies with tourists who visit Male city. Yet, the bigger issue is the volume of trash that is being allocated into Male city, and moreover, the environmental dangers it poses on Male city and the adjoining island.

This game does not take place in the Maldives, but is rather based on an Island that I had visited for a trip during my vacation in the Pacific Ocean. I was enchanted by the exotic beauty of the island, and as a tourist, having experienced littering and pollution being evident during my stay lead to be complex and complicated thoughts about the issue. Despite the fact that I was immersed in my own thoughts and about the issue of pollution, I did not want to express this issue with other tourists. My intentions towards the issue of pollution were subtle and I did not want to express my conflicting emotions about pollution and the enjoyment of being a tourist on an exotic island. On the return flight, I had developed greater emotions to express my feelings about the issue of pollution, and after several days after my vacation, I had participated in the Hackathon Event. This was to produce a mobile game, “Keeping the Maldives Clean” where the player could never win.

At times, I question whether I could return back to the island, and I am unsure what my decision will be. There is an uneasy feeling about the reality of pollution and impact it has on the island, therefore, my intention and hope is to deliver this uneasy feeling about the reality of pollution that I had felt by playing the mobile game.


Directing: DONG WHI YOO

Visual Design: DONG WHI YOO

Programming: DONG WHI YOO, Chanwook Min