The Curtain

Interactive Media Installation

When the chair is pushed firmly, the chair starts moving. When a battery is placed into a clock, the hands of the clock start moving. Where this is perceived as obvious, the concept of “movement” is only due to a physical exertion that allows an interaction to occur. We call this interaction.


‘The Curtain’ is a prototype piece of work that represent “force” and “movement”. On the café table, a Piezo sensor is installed which detects any movement to a degree of sensitivity. On one side, there is a curtain on a set of windows where this “screen” which responds to movement by the footsteps of people and by shakes. If the user taps on the table, the window disappears and a menu appears.


Directing: teamVOID (DONG WHI YOO, Jaehyuck Bae, Chinook Min)

Visual Design: DONG WHI YOO

Programming: Chinook Min, Jaehyuck Bae