The Myth of GANGNAM

Interactive Visualization, Newsgame

South Korea’s capital, Seoul is divided into North and South by the Han River. However, the current meaning inferred with “Gangnam” (the Southern area of Seoul) should not be perceived merely as a region within Seoul. During the 1960’s, Gangbuk (Northern area of Seoul) was an area that was highly developed, and to sustain the balance within the region in Gangnam, 8 prestigous high schools from Gangbuk were moved to the area of Gangnam. Due to the move, the effect had caused residential prices had increased. Since the move, Gangnam was considered as one of the highest capital regions in Korea and was pivotal in establishing the symbol of wealth and the most sought after regions in Korea. Naturally, Gangnam was considered as the region of the “unbeaten myth” where owning property in the region would achieve higher societal status and higher residential profitability among the masses and society.

Through this piece of work, I plan to inspect, evaluate and verify the myth of “Gangnam’s unbeaten myth”. Through the design of this hypothesis, it is to inspect and evaluate whether investing in Gangnam has higher residential and property profitability than other areas. Therefore, to test this hypothesis, I gathered the data of the actual transaction prices of apartments in Seoul which is published by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea and visualized the data by using HTML5 and Jquery. To be specific, From 2007 to 2015, based on the actual transaction prices of more than 4,000 apartments in Seoul, the average apartment prices of 423 neighborhoods were sought and calculated based on the square feet. Based on this data and an interactive visualization technique, I had created a simple computer game. The player directly plays against the computer where both players have the same amount of money in their budget- $200,000, and with this money, they are required to move to a different neighborhood from 2007, every year. The player is able to move to a location excluding the place where the area is considered as the area of “Gangnam’s unbeaten myth”, whereas the computer is able to move properties within the restricted area(Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu). A total of 8 moves are allowed and after the 8 shifts, the player with the most amount of money left wins. The purpose is to explorer the data of apartment prices by interactive visualization and to examine “Gangnam’s unbeaten myth” by competing with computer.


The actual transaction prices of apartments in Seoul is provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. (

The SVG map of Seoul is provided by The Seoul Institute. (


HTML5, JAVA Script and JQuery


Game design: DONG WHI YOO

Visual design: DONG WHI YOO

Game Development: DONG WHI YOO

Old Version of This Game

The below is the old version of “The MYTH of the GANGNAM”. The data of apartment prices which is published by Kookmin Bank, Korea ( and Action Script 3.0 were used. The difference between two versions is accuracy of dataset and map.